The library has more than 21,000 books in different languages. The library exchanges information internationally with universities and libraries of both the republic and foreign countries.

In order to attract students to the library and spend their free time efficiently, large rooms such as "Student Scientific Society", "Chess Hall", "Youth Center" have been organized and equipped with the necessary equipment on the first floor of the library. Here, students hold round table talks, debates, seminars and book discussions.


Library use rules

The library is open to all employees and students of "Nakhchivan" University and its use is free;

- The reader who uses the library becomes a member of the library after presenting his identity card to the employee of the department and answering the questions specified in the "Reader's form";

- Readers who do not have an ID card (student card or mark book are not taken) are not given a book to use at home;

- Those who have lost reader's ticket must immediately apply to the "Registration and Service" department with an appropriate application and can get a new reader's ticket only a week later;

- It is forbidden to give the student ticket to another person. If such a situation occurs, that reader is deprived of the right to use the library;

- Materials borrowed for reading cannot be given to another person or taken out of the library;

- The reader is prohibited from entering the library and taking books without permission;

- It is not allowed to use a mobile phone in the reading room;

- Catalogs and index cards should be used politely. Their cards cannot be written, torn, removed or taken away;

- The literature received from the fund of each reading hall can be used only in that hall;

- It is forbidden to make copies of the dissertation and some literature protected in the rare fund;

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan No.115 dated March 12, 1999 on the implementation of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Library Work", if printed works belonging to library funds are lost or rendered unusable, those works must be replaced with other relevant printed works, or if it is not possible to return or exchange the work and other materials, 10 times the price of that book must be paid so that another book can be bought instead of the lost book

The library can be used only by readers who follow these rules of use.


To become a member of the NU Science Library, readers must submit the following documents:

- an identity card

- student card

- reader card

Reader service:

All employees of "Nakhchivan" University can use the individual subscription. From here simultaneously:

to academic and correspondent members - 10 copies

to scientific workers - 5 copies

students - no more than 3 copies of literature are given.

Other university students and teachers can use the books only in the reading hall of the library.

Individual subscribers are not given:

  • informative publications (dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.)
  • rare books, valuable publications
  • abstract and dissertations
  • samples of periodicals

- All readers can use the service of reading halls.

- Readers who have not returned the borrowed material to the library and do not present their reader's card are not served.

- The library serves readers through 11 general and specialized reading rooms.

In the electronic reading room, 18 computer sets are provided to the readers and provide services in the following form.

- Using the electronic library via the Internet

- Using the electronic library within the library

- In order to be able to read the books in the Electronic Library, it is important to have the Adobe Reader program on the user's computer, because it is impossible to open electronic books without this program. Taking these into account, we have created opportunities for those who need it to download the program mentioned on the Electronic Library page of our website. Users need to use (click on, etc...) the Adobe Reader thumbnails located at the bottom (middle) of the page to download this program.

- Electronic books of the Electronic Library are placed in the Electronic Databases of our site both alphabetically (alphabetically according to the author's last name, if the authors are a group, alphabetically according to the title), and on pages corresponding to the relevant field of science.

- Electronic newspapers and magazines are placed in the Electronic Database called "Periodic and continuing publications" of the Electronic Library.

- In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Copyright and Related Rights", e-books without the author's consent (application), including the year of publication, as they are of great importance for the country, rare copies can be used only in the e-reading room of the e-library on the use of the local network can

Work hours

The library is open every day from 09:00 to 18:00, except Saturday and Sunday.


Dear Authors! If you want to see your works in our Electronic Library, please send the electronic version of your books to the following e-mail address:

Contact with us:

Babek str 1, Nakhchivan, Nakhchivan AR, Azerbaijan

+994 36 545 15 16

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