Student Activities

“Nakhchivan” University has a gym and a mini football stadium, where students play football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, basketball. In addition, there is a chess room in the university campus. Mental development plays an important role in the after-class activities of students, in this sense the chess room is one of the frequently visited places for chess lovers. A book club is available within the university, where students read world classics and samples of Azerbaijani literature, and discuss them at the round table once a month.

Also, the activities of the “Club of cheerful and resourceful” should be especially noted, that the students demonstrate their talents, prepare theatre performances of various literary works, organize musical programs and perform our national dances at the events.

In order to develop intellectual skills of students, intellectual games are regularly held at the university. Also, for the development of students’ language skills, within the frame of the “conversation club”, our students conduct discussions on certain topics in English.

Student YouthOrganization

According to the Decree No 41 by the Head of the Presidential Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic dated February 15, 2005, Student Youth Organizations have been established with the aim of improving the work with young people and students in all higher and secondary educational institutions in the Azerbaijan Republic.

According to the order No 89 of the Minister of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic M.Mardanov dated on February 28, 2005 on the approval of the activity plan for the improvement of work with youth and students in the Azerbaijan Republic, on May 06-07, 2005 signed by the Minister of Education M.Mardanov and minister of Youth Sports and Tourism A.Garayev along with other universities, “Student Youth Organization” has been established in “Nakhchivan” University in accordance with the “Statute of the Organization of Students and Youths Operating in Higher and Secondary Educational Institutions”.

This organization, operating in higher and secondary educational institutions, has been founded on the basis of common interests and has been created with the aim of establishing connections between students on the basis of voluntary principles and ensuring the active participation of students in public life. The autonomous student and youth organization operating independently in educational institutions interacts with government agencies, non-governmental organizations and international organizations to achieve prompt resolution of issues related to education and students’ problems.

Student ScientificSociety

The Student Scientific Society of “Nakhchivan” University is a student union created for the organization and coordination of the scientific-research and scientific-practical work of students and carries out its activities with the participation of scientists and teachers.

SSS sets complex tasks before itself. Among them:

  • Formation of the basis of the research work and students’ acquisition of the scientific cognition method;
  • Helping students to learn the educational material in a deep and creative way;
  • Promoting various forms of scientific creativity among students in accordance with the unity of science and practice principles, developing interest in fundamental research as the basis for the creation of new knowledge;
  • Identifying students with the most talent and ability for scientific and practical work;
  • Informing students about holding the scientific and practical events (competitions, olympiads, seminars, conferences, lectures, trainings, etc.) and the opportunity to participate in them;
  • Organization and holding of seminars, round tables, conferences, forums and other events of scientific and practical features with the participation of students, professors and teachers staff, scientific workers, business representatives, authorities and public associations;

The initiative of students, their active civic position and interest in science, as well as the university administration, which created all the necessary conditions for the activity of such a student union, played an important role in the foundation of the Student Scientific Society. Especially, this balance of interests, in the way of symbiosis, is one of the main factors contributing to its organized development.

SSS carries out its activities in the following forms:

  • Informing about the meeting and upcoming scientific events of SSS;
  • Cooperation with state, public and international organizations, representatives of science;
  • Subject Olympiads;
  • Intellectual and business games on separate sections of the economy;
  • Trainings and seminars;
  • Discussions on scientific topics and discussion of urgent development issues of society;
  • Holding scientific conferences, symposiums, round tables, business games.

At “Nakhchivan” University, all conditions have been created for students to demonstrate their scientific skills. For this, a rich library fund has been set up in the university.

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