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The main purpose of e-NOTE is to increase transparency, coherence and convergence in the field of teaching, and to promote and reward teaching skills in higher education. On the other hand, the aim of e-NOTE is to stimulate cooperation towards to European teaching qualification and award scheme. "Nakhchivan" University was a participant of this project for 2013-2015.


CoMoLTE - Modern Language Teacher Education Consortium (544440-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPCR)

The main objective of CoMoLTE is to review and modernize the existing curricula of Modern Language Teaching Education(MLT). "Nakhchivan" University was a participant of this project for 2013-2016.


AESOP - Advocacy Establishment for Students through Ombudsman Position

This project improves the governance of non-EU partner universities, enabling them to fully implement the Bologna Process, not only as a formality, but also as access to the democratic processes to make decisions about students' studies. It provides student support and protect students' rights in the conflict and appeals resolution process by encouraging universities.

The project gives full access to the democratic systems of the Bologna process to students and teachers, so they try to resolve their academic and administrative issues.

At the result it is developed the democratic university procedures for the protection of students in administrative matters (especially including academic appeals, disciplinary complaints, grievances, emergency financial aid requests, or health concerns).
Students are provided with human resources to solve problems through ombudsmen. "Nakhchivan" University was a participant of the AESOP project for 2015-2018.


"Nakhchivan" University is a member of a new project coordinated by Baku Business University. The goal of the EQAC project (establishment and development of quality assurance centers in Azerbaijani universities) funded by the European Commission what is the establishment of Quality Control Centers in Azerbaijani universities and it is the more effective organization of quality control work in educational institutions. "Nakhchivan" University has been a participant of the EQAC project since 2018.


ECAR - Establishment of Rectors Conference in Azerbaijan

The project of establishing the Association of Rectors in Azerbaijan is carried out by Baku Business University,the coordinator of the Project. Azerbaijan universities participate in this project - Azerbaijan University of Tourism and Management, Baku Engineering University, Baku Higher Oil School, Baku Eurasia University, Azerbaijan Languages University, Lankaran State University, Azerbaijan State Culture and Art University. There are 15 partner universities, including Art University, Nakhchivan University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan University of Technology, Azerbaijan University and Odlar Yurdu University. Associations of universities and rectors from Poland, Belgium, France, Sweden and Lithuania are also partners of this project.


International Credit Mobility Erasmus+KA107 projects are one of the projects that offer the opportunity to higher education students and employees of higher education and non-academic institutions to study or train in another country.

What are the main objectives of KA107 Projects?

Supporting students' personal development and employment opportunities
Supporting the professional development of staff
Developing the potential and international dimension of higher education institutions

Erasmus+KA107 International Credit Mobility:

Spain - University of Valladolid

Romania - University of Piteshti

Provisions applying if the student does not complete successfully some educational components:

In order to retain the right to Erasmus+ financial support, the student is obliged to complete at least 20 ECTS credits in each semester as stated in the Learning Agreement for Studies. If the student receives during the exchange less than 20 ECTS credits, a written explanation, signed by student and Erasmus+ departmental coordinator, must be submitted. If the student has not completed all educational units from the Learning Agreement, the difference to complete the semester/year has to be carried out at the home institution in accordance with his/her study program. If the student does not complete all educational units of the Learning Agreement for studies, he/she enrolls to the next year under the same conditions as the students who were not on the exchange.

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