In the 2021-2022 academic year, the Robotics and Steam Center at Nakhchivan University was made available to students and teachers. The Ministry of Education donated 1 line-following robot, 1 electronic circulation kit, 1 Arduino, 5 3D printing materials, methodical materials, textbooks and programs for teaching STEAM lessons in the center. Many books are available at the center that students need while working on their projects. Here, both major students and many students with interest from different majors have all the equipment to work on their projects. As a result of applying new educational methods, students acquire and expand their skills in working with equipment and programs.
Members of the Steam Team have achieved success by participating in many festivals and competitions. At the "STEAM education festival" held in Nakhchivan city, the projects presented by the STEAM team of Nakhchivan University were awarded the 2nd place in the "Green" technologies nomination, and the 3rd place in the "Social technologies" nomination.  In addition, let's note that the university participated in the "Technofest Azerbaijan" event held in Baku with two projects and was remembered with a successful presentation. Members of the Steam Team participated in the finals of the Hackathon competition organized by the "Steam Azerbaijan" project and won a silver medal with the "Elgandor" team created by them.
At the same time, Steam team members inform students who want to join the team about the work they do and support them with educational training extracurricular hours. Our finished projects are exhibited in the Center and many new projects are being worked on.

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