• They should know the rules and regulations of the university and therefore they are fully responsible.
  • They must defend and fulfill university requirements; otherwise the university has the right to expel that student.
  • After completing each semester, he/she must return the books borrowed from the university; otherwise they must pay the cost of those books.
  • If the address or any other personal information changes, these changes must be reported to the Registrar's Office and the relevant dean's office.
  • Academic requirements must be followed.
  • Ethical norms must be protected.
  • He must protect the property of the university, otherwise he will be expelled from the university or pay the damages as stipulated in the legislation of Azerbaijan.


  • To get quality education;
  • To participate in scientific works and implementation of projects;
  • To receive general information about the work of the university in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan;
  • Freely join student organizations according to their interests;
  • To express one's opinion freely;
  • To receive scholarships, financial resources and benefit from other sources in accordance with the law;
  • To participate in the improvement of rules and ethical norms;
  • To get a list of the points accumulated in a week;
  • Expressing opinions about the work of teachers and administrative staff;
  • To exercise their rights according to Azerbaijan legislation;
  • Receiving books and other materials from the university library;
  • Being supplied with books and other materials by the University.

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