An appeal of the rector

  “Nakhchivan” University is a specific and modern-styled educational institution having a large place among the higher schools of Azerbaijan. The main goal we set is to protect our independence, to restore the integrity of our homeland, to learn national values and to train highly qualified personnel to ensure our right to stay with developed countries.

The opportunities available at a university with a rigorous educational structure are the key to achieving this goal. These opportunities include government care for the university, high academic discipline, the constant enrichment of the teaching staff, the availability of high learning interests in students, the provision of the learning process with the latest ICT equipment. The credit system used at the university has contributed to improving the quality of education, the use of ICTs and the learning of foreign languages by students. We consider as our greatest success that our alumni to be active in the socio-economic life and to represent our  Motherland and our Nation in many countries around the world.


"Nurlana Aliyeva"