The department of ICT

The department has put forward several aims in the direction of innovations. Even nowadays this department of  the  university has been implementing a great deal of hopeful things grounded on its self infrastructure . For this purpose internal training  programmes are carried out aiming to prepare superior quality of specialists in his very important branch . The permanent investigations by the department members and implementation of innovations are the basic goals in front of ICT department . Starting from the new academic year some innovations such as : to put into use a new electron journal , special programmes capable to detect the attendance of the employees by means of cards or finger prints and some other fruitful things are going to be realized by the ICT Staff of the University . Establishment of the service system and Windows , Linux types service operations have already been operated and additional important research works are being carried out now . Already a lot of functions are implemented through Linux . Furthermore ICT is planning to use Ubuntu Linux or Suse Linux along with windows systems and to work on their quality availability .

The main causative matter in the field of Linux is much more its safety , less cost and innovative systems . The research works on programming is carried out in the department . The key directions in this field are :recognition systems ( face , voice , picture , finger print ), android , translation systems . audio management of operation systems , installation based on , E-university , service type programmes and soon .

   The gained progress as a result of programming are as follows :

Cevrici Alter programme : A programme available to unicode system for the word , Excel documents meeting to modern Standards to have been used the lower print ;

Translator : Ququ L3 Edition programmes ;

These programmes are one of the rare programmes capable to fulfill various functions such as : to   sound the text , teaching test and functions along with translating English , Russia and Turkish . The key aim of this programme making is to make the university recognize well . The android programme of the university is the first one inter universities of Azerbaijan.

Electronic university system

The system currently under research is one of the rare systems implemented by the university itself in Azerbaijan . The cite of the university  has been  programmed by the university  and at present enrichment process is going on . Also the department holds systematic seminars in improving the skills and abilities of the university employees in the field of IT .

   The employees of ICT department