Educational department

The objectives of this department

1,Registration of the admitted students

2.Working out normative documents for bachelor and masters preparation

3.Drecting the lists of Final State Attestation exams blanks and appointment ones to their destination after  numbering

4.On the basis of teaching plans and improving them

5.Help fu acts towards organizing teaching affairs of the faculties  and chairs

6.Implementation of control over teaching plans fulfillment

7.To convey  assignments  on the teaching loads to the chairs  and faculties .

8.To work out statistical  information on teaching and to send to its destination

9. To implement preparation works on pedagogical and productive practices .

10.Inspecting time tables and tables of exams for every semester .

11.Checking up registers

12.Reports preparation at the end of every semester (Ministry of Education ,Scientific Council)

13.Preparing of various reports

14.To control the process of exams

15. Printing  the register for the faculties and all kind of blanks and conveying to relevant agencies

16.Preparing student cards for the first course students

17.Filling the students files

18.Preparing all kind of orders related to students

19. Issuing diplomas to students as specified by law

20. Preparing the admission plan projects

21.Organising the Final Attestation Commission

22.Controling the execution of the task on conveying the copies of normative documents connected  with the teaching process (Dear offices ,chiefs of chairs ,departments of general and personals )

23.To prepare the students contingent at the end of every month after renewal

24.Controling the credits of the   students  taking from the low course

25. To prepare a booklet based on the results of  the university at the beginning of the academic year

26.To work on “student-graduate” electronic base

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