Documentation prosess for foreign students (People with dual citizenship are not eligible.)

Admission of the international students is administered by the University Admission Committee.
• Online Application
Candidates need to fill out online application form once it is available (late May).
Students are required to submit the following documents:
1. Petition to the Rector (or online application)
2. High school/university diploma & transcript
You should provide originals of your High School Diploma & Transcript. No copies are accepted. Otherwise your application will not be evaluated.
3. Health certificate
No application will be processed until health certificate is provided. Only originals will be accepted.
4. Copy of the passport or ID card
Copy of passport or ID card should be clear enough. Passports/IDs with unclear or excessively dark images will not be accepted.
5. Passport size photo
Photo should be passport size and be taken within the last 6 months maximum.
6. Reference letters
Students are required to submit at least 2 reference letters. Only signed and notarized (sealed) originals will be accepted.
7. Language Certificate(s) (IELTS, TOEFL,İES)
8. Other Certificates
•  Curriculum Vitae (CV) (only for Postgraduate and Ph.D. candidates)

You can attach your documents: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please make sure that your Curriculum Vitae includes your personal information, educational background, skills/abilities and hobbies/interests.
•  Statement of Purpose (only for Postgraduate and Ph.D candidates)
Statement of Purpose should include the major you are willing to study, your supportive ideas why you want to study in that specific field, and also your thoughts on how you think it will contribute to your future.
Note: Documents should be in English. If you are a citizen of a non-English speaking country, please have your documents translated and notarized in an official notary office.
For Master and Ph.D. candidates:
Foreign citizens and those without a citizenship can apply for the master departments only demanding tuition fees (if there is no exception in the legislature or in the agreement between the countries).
Foreigners and non-citizens are supposed to take examination on the language that they’re going to study in. In case the admitted student submits a certificate on that language, he/she will not take the exam.
Foreign citizens and those without citizenship, who studied in Azerbaijani language in their previous education, can continue their education in Azerbaijani language without taking language exam at “Nakhchivan” University. Otherwise students will study in the preparation course on the language that they are going to study in.
Moreover, they are interviewed in Master and Ph.D. Departments.
Foreign citizens and those without citizenship can get more information from Master and Ph.D. Departments’ websites.
Foreigners’ documents, who have dual or Azerbaijani citizenship, will not be accepted.
 Main Dates:
Application                                                                                  1-28 February 2017
Evaluation of the documents                                                          5 March
Announcement of the results                                                         12 March
Registration deadline                                                                    1 May
Bachelor- 1000 $(usd)
Master- 800 $(usd)
Phd- 1200 $(usd)
Preparation  course -500 $( usd)
Accommodation :
Nakhchivan University dormitory- per year-300 $ (usd)
Special offer for foreign students (accommodation-breakfast-lunch-dinner)-per year-1200 $(usd)
more information: \\ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.