Student youth organization

Upon the  decree №41 , February 15, 2005 by the Presidential Administration Leader of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the purpose to improve the interrelation between she youth and students in all higher schools of the Republic of Azerbaijan Student . Youth Organizations was established . In accordance with this due to the order of affirmation the decision by the minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan as for №89,28.02.2005, the decision signed by M.Merdanov , Minister of Education and A.Garayev, minister of youth , Sport and Tourism as for 06-07 may 2005, on “Due to the regulation of Student-Youth  Organization acting in higher and middle specialized schools”, as in other universities of Azerbaijan “Student-Youth  Organization” was established in “Nakhchivan” University respectively .

This Organization was instituted for the purpose to unite for one and she same goal realization based on voluntary principles, coordinating the interrelations and providing the active participation of the youth in all spheres of our social life . The independent Student-Youth  Organization acting in the autonomy form subordinates its activity NGOS, appearing in front of students.

Student Scientific Society

The Student  Scientific Society is the unity of Student created in “Nakhchivan” University who directs its activity with the scientific-research works of students, arranging their scientific-practical works, coordinating its activity with scientific and teachers.

SSS puts forward complex tasks, as follows:

-       Forming the basic of the research work and students precepting scientific intellectual method;

-       To render help that students could easily percept the teaching materials perfectly and in a creative way respectively;

-       Due to the unity principles of science and practice to propagate different forms of scientific creation , to draw their attention to fundamental investigation as a base of new knowledge appearance:

-       To discover the students having more talent to scientific and  practical works :

-       To inform students on holding scientific and practical events (competition, olympiad, seminar, conference, lecture, training etc) and possibility to participate there:

-       To hold seminars, round table talks, conference, forums, scientific and practical conferences with the participation of students, professors-teachers, scientific workers , business members, state and public organizations .

The university leadership plays a great role in creating Student  Scientific Society and sure the initiative of students is undeniable in this process . The active citizenship position of students and their interest to science is also very important in solving furthermore difficulties . Just the balance of she stressed interests , so in a symbios form is one of the key factors serving she organized progress of it .

SSS implements its activity as follows:

-       To hold SSS-meeting and to give information on is forthcoming scientific events

-       To corporate with state, public, international organizations and members of sciences .

-       Subject olympiads on:

-       Intellectual and business-like games covering different branches of economy

-       Training and seminars

-       Discussions on scientific themes and actual issues of public

-       Holding scientific conferences, symposiums, round table talks, business-like games .

A very fruitful condition for students was created in “Nakhchivan” University to perform their scientific abilities . this purpose the created rich library can be helpful for them /

 What is Enactus (Sife)?

Enactus (Entrepreneurial Action Us) international programme was founded in 1975 by the Us universities . Enactus –is an international project bringing the leaders of today and tomorrow  together for the purpose to establish more sustainable business, stronger business in the world . Enactus world –wide network comprises university students, academicians, professors and business leaders around itself.

The coordinations through Enactus enable the individuals and communities all over the world to get profit and directly causes to creat personel and professional atmosphere inter communities  . Enactus-programme has been planned to study leadership and career initiatives of people and in addition to this , to coordinate the collaborating companies with students and also to have exchange of students for gaining the vital goal . Enactus -teams are created at the individual university campus. Enactus Universal Headquarter consciously gives not more detail information of how to form the team and its structure, the procedure and rules are not revealed much more . There are a number of ways to create and Enactus team . One clearly knows that any college or university are uncial to the public it serves . This elasticity enables any agency to establish own Enactus capable to be benefitial to its faculty , students and society needs . Enactus as an international non-commercial organization prones to cooperate with responsible business and higher school leaders hoping to strengthen the skills and abilities in the direction of mobilizing university students . Participant students create teams, work out business conceptions , in case any necessity to render assistant to needy people . The prepared helpful projects focus to uprise she standard of living of low-paid families . Yearly regional and national contents ensure she leader take part as as judges . Enactus - is said to be partnership, counterpartship and cooperation inter universities and business structures . As a result of cooperation and partnership relations establishment Student teams Study the principles of free entrepreneurship in the society they live in , implement self ideas into practice and finally they share the gained knowledge with others .