"Pedagogical" faculty

The pedagogical Faculty of  “Nakhchivan” University has been operating Since its establishment . The dean of the faculty is Dr. of philosophy for maths , assistant professor Maftun Ismayil oglu Ismayilov . Within these passed years hundreds of students have become graduates and at present they work in our country and abroad too .

Dean : Dr. of philosophy for maths , assistant professor Maftun Ismayil oglu Ismayilov   was born in 1974 in the village of Khok of Kangarli region . Entered Khok village secondary school in 1981 and in 1991 finished  the very school . In 1992 “Mathematic Information” speciality of the faculty of physico-mathematics of Nakhchivan State University and in 1997 graduated from that  university honors with diploma .

From September 1997 worked a teacher in the chair of “Algebra and Geometry” teacher of the chair of “Information” of Nakhchivan State University . In 1997  he was an extramural post-graduate at the faculty of  “Mechanic-mathematics” of Baku State University . On November 14, 2005 maintained his candidacy dissertation on “Some problems of scattered disintegration mechanics and numerical methods in solving them” at the Institute of Mathematics and mechanics of Anas .

Married , 2 children . From 2009 dean of the Pedagogical faculty of “Nakhchivan” University .

Vice-dean : Nazim Vakil oglu Mahmudov

Faculty secretary : Fatima Husein gizi Mammadova

The faculty  consisting of day time and correspondence departments has been engaged to preparation of personnels either bachelor or master’s level on superior quality . 384 students get education in this faculty .

      Specialities on the bachelor level

  1. Azerbaijan language and literature teaching (extramural and day time)
  2. History teaching (day time)
  3. Mathematics and information teaching (day time)
  4. Geography teaching (day time)
  5. Information teaching (day time)

         For master’s level

    1.Pedagogy (day time)

    2.Azerbaijan language and literature teaching (extramural and day time)


Four chairs as “Azerbaijan language and literature teaching” , “Pedagogy and psychology” , “ General history” , “Mathematics and information” have been engaged to teaching in the faculty . The staff of the faculty: 11 dr.of phd , 4 professors , 11 assistant professors, 3 senior teachers, 17 teachers .