The faculty of "Management"

The faculty of management was established on April  29,2014 as for protocol of the scientific council of “Nakhchivan” University

Dean of the faculty assistant  professor,Elbrus Saleh oglu Isayev .Elbrus Saleh oglu Isayev was born on october7,1979 in the city of Nakhchivan Studied  at school in Nakhchivan . Graduated the History-Philology faculty for the profession of history in 2000 and 2002 the master  degree with honors  diplomas .He was Heydar Aliyev scholarship holder . In 2001 he was the winner of “the best young of the year “ for his success in education . He started his career at school №1 in 2000-2004 as a teacher .In 2002-2008 history  teacher in the chair of the Azerbaijan history at Nakhchivan State University .In 2008-2012 dean for masters . In 2013-2014 chief of the chair “The Humanities “ of Nakhchivan Private University . From 20014-2015 academic years dean of the faculty of “management” of “Nakhchivan” University and assistant professor of the chair of “General history “.In 2006 maintained his thesis and became Dr. philosophy  for history . Passed course of qualification in the State  Management Academy under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan . Worked editor in the public-social department of Nakhchivan State Television and Radio Casting Committee  of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic .He is the author of more than 50 historic –political and documentary television programmes .Key branch of investigation  is the history of international cultural economy and diplomatic relations . Attended international conferences in the USA ,Southern Korea ,Malazia ,Germany,Portugal ,Russia ,Georgia,Turkey,Turkmenistan and Iran .His  scientific works were published in   Engilsh ,Russian,German,Persian,Turkish,Turkman and Korea languages .

Member of the Committee of Azerbaijan journalists.

Merried ,two children

Vice-dean:Naim  Etibar oglu Jahidzadeh

Faculty secretary : Shahnaz Najaf gizi Mammadova

Chairs acting in the faculty :

_Chair of management .

Faculty implements bachelor preparation under the fallowing specialties :

International relations


Accounting and audit

Business management


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