Electronic Library

This library has been acting since 1999 under the name of Scientific Library of “Nakhchivan”  University . It is one of the leading structural sections that accumulates printed works and other    information carriers , systematically save them and with this plays a great role in personnel preparation in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

Based on state care a new four storeyed  building was built for the  Scientific Library of “Nakhchivan”  University in 2015 . Its material technical base has been improved , the fund has been enriched with new publications , international relations have been broaden and in the best meaning of word the library lives its new uprising stage . The library serves the readers highly and meets all kind of requirements of the world standards . The library obtains 8 funds and 8 reading halls provided all kind of facilities , all departments have been provided with computers and other subsidiary facilities , one managing service , the all with electronic resources of 18 seats . The mentioned fund and reading halls have been specialized on different floors . The library has got more than 1500 literatures in different languages . Our library has got very fruitful international information exchange with the universities and libraries in both our republic and abroad . From 2015 she library has passed to automating management system that it includes ; formulating electronic catalogue , organizing electronic library, readers registration , acquisition of the library fund , that is automating all the processes of the library .

Electronic catalogue design works in the library has started its activity with automating process . Along with electronic library the electronic versions of the books have been prepared and put into use . 18 computer units provided with internet net work in the  “Electronic information” service hall are used by students free of charge . Different measures are held in the library for the purpose of drawing the attention of students . “Students Scientific Society” , “Chess hall” , “Youth center” and are large and light rooms are used by students . Usually round table talks , debates , seminars , discussion of books and other events are held here . Generally , “Nakhchivan” University Scientific Library has joined the centralized world information library net works and in its turn the library aims to make further more great progress grounded on rich progressive traditions , worldwide values  and above all international practice .

Fund and reading halls

  1. Fund of the humanities and reading hall
  2. Fund of exact and technical sciences and reading hall
  3. Fund of philology and reading hall
  4.  Fund of foreign and religion literature and reading hall
  5. Fund of periodicals and reading hall
  6. Fund of dissertation and auto referat and reading hall
  7. Fund of  deposits and reading hall
  8. Fund of   information publications and reading hall
  9. Hall of electronic information (on every of the second floor)

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