Dormitory  of the  "Nakhchivan" University is located on the territory of "Nakhchivan" University campus. In order to ensure the development of the students academically and socially, reading rooms of the dormitory, the opportunity to watch world channels by satellite TV, lounge areas and laundry facilities are available for students.

For a comfortable life of students, the dormitory  is equipped with the ideal conditions, telephone and internet. For the organizating interesting and useful leisure time  sports hall and playgrounds are functioning. The amount of the monthly payment for accommodation in the dormitory is $ 30-40.
In addition, the university "Nakhchivan" helps  the students already enrolled at the university to stay in rented houses in different districts of the city. The average price of homes for rent in Nakhchivan city ranges from $ 100 till 250.

The contact person:

phone: 545-58-56